E-voting – maximize your audience engagement!

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31 Jan E-voting – maximize your audience engagement!

E-voting or electronic voting is an automatic voting system often used to record or count votes during an election. But that’s not all.

E-voting is also and above all a system that is nowadays increasingly used in various kind of events where the audience contribution is capital to determine a contest, a game, a poll, an election result. During conferences and conventions, participants can also reply to questions live and influence the results as well as the direction of a corporate event.

Thanks to a small connected device, or even his smartphone, every public member has the possibility to communication his vote that will then be directly and automatically recorded and counted in the system.

Above getting all of these very useful and interesting information, e-voting is also a fun and playful way to add interactivity to events and engage with the audience. Often connected to a keynote software like PowerPoint, the results can be synchronized and directly displayed in the running presentation slides, the way we want (chart, diagram, pie chart, etc).

These small devices can be used in multiple kind of events may the attendees be 10 or 10’000. Our team of experts will be pleased to give you more information on our e-voting devices and more specifically on the way you can integrate them to your event.

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